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Customer Ratings & Reviews for Cassidy Insurance Associates

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Cassidy Insurance Associates

Seth --

Just wanted to thank you for the super quick, efficient, and easy process...all w/the benefit of a better rate.  We're constantly traveling (120+ nights/yr) and operations like yours which are seamless make this sort of "housekeeping" easy to do. Haven't had this a good an experience before with any other broker!  Be sure to let Brian know about my satisfaction as well.  Will leave a review for you guys out there.  Hope you have a good weekend and I'll be referring my parents to you guys as well.  



Cassidy Insurance Associates

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your positive energy to do what you do seem effortless. What stood out was your deamnor of care and in today's society it seems that most people in the business of selling product and services want to cut your throat to make a dollar. It's a given that we have to find a means to live but I'm a firm believer that when you put care in what you do as top priority you'll always be wealthy. I've given my sister your # and without hestiation anyone else in need of got it. 

Fredrica:) happy 

Cassidy Insurance Associates
"The Cassidy Insurance Agency helped me setup my auto insurance, homeowners insurance, commercial auto and general liability insurance and umbrella policy! They not only saved me thousands of dollars a year, but were extremely professional, knowledgable and helpful. I can't say THANK YOU enough for all their help"
  • Michael Wagner
    Wagner Contracting

Cassidy Insurance Associates

"I found out that my mom was paying an awful lot for her homeowners insurance and I turned to the Cassidy Insurance Associates for help. Within an hour they had a quote that was nearly half of what she was paying and with more coverage! These guys are the best!"

  • Pam Hertz - King of Prussia, PA

Cassidy Insurance Associates

"This is my first time buying car insurance and I wasn't sure where to begin to even start looking for car insurance. I compared my policy to the one I had with my family car insurance plan to get an idea of what to get and the CIA helped me every step of the way. Between the great customer service from my agent who went above and beyond to make sure that all my questions were answered Cassidy Insurance Associates even saved me money in comparison to my old car insurance!"

  • Edward Garvine - West Chester, PA

Cassidy Insurance Associates
Cassidy Insurance Associates received a rating of 5.0 out of 5 based on 5 reviews on
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